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William Powell

Founder / CEO / Visionary 

William is an internationally known motivational speaker, public speaking coach, and verbal and non-verbal communications trainer who was once ranked as one of the Top Twenty best public speakers in the world by Toastmasters International.

Mr. Powell has trained educators and parents on how to build open channels of communication and has educated numerous teachers on how to identify and address the social and emotional trauma many of our youth face outside of the classroom. He has also been instrumental in the academic and social development of thousands of youth throughout the country.


Executive Team Leader

Strategic Engagement Team Director

Kimberly Duplessis

Kimberly holds a degree in Criminal Justice and is a dynamic public speaker, working to bring awareness to young women regarding abuse. Kimberly is a committed advocate that has dedicated her life to inform, motivate, and empower victims and struggling survivors of abuse to see their options and potentials. She also educates and enlightens others, trying to eradicate the senseless emotional and mental damage, physical injuries, and far too often, deaths that occur as a result of abuse and domestic violence.


Brenda Brown

Community Partnerships Coordinator Southern District

As the current Executive Director of Social Services for her county, Brenda brings a massive amount of Guidance to Player 1 as it relates to leadership, establishing and implementing Academy goals and objectives; establishing appropriate administrative policies, services, structures, controls, and reporting systems for the efficient and effective performance of the Player 1 Academy.

     Mrs. Brown is a perfectionist who understands the importance of Player 1 and the unique and never-ending value it brings to communities around the world. Brenda currently holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Human Services.

Marcus Powell

National Youth Mentor Coordinator

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Mr. Powell recruits, screens, trains, matches, and supervises both full time and volunteer mentors as well as provide guidance to mentors as they work to build supportive relationships with our students. Marcus is a dedicated team member who firmly understands that with the right opportunities and support, our social and economically disadvantaged youth can overcome their circumstances and begin to heal. Mr. Powell states; "By taking our children out of survival mode, they can begin to grow, learn, and dream. 

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Sulma Colon

Human Resources Director 

 USA Hispanic Innovation Team Specialist

Ms. Sulma Colon is a born leader and believes in promoting positive energy everywhere she goes and is committed to making a difference in communities throughout the world.  

     Ms. Colon believes that serving our youth begins by hiring the most qualified representatives to be a part of the Player1 Academy while at the same time living up to our core principals and values.

Daquane Patton

Sports Management Coordinator 

Mr. Patton states," I want to help change the community and be a crucial part in providing a better future for our youth as well as the communities they reside in. The sky is the limit!" 

      His goal is to provide structured environments where we are able to teach our youth valuable life skills and life lessons. His goal as a member of the Player 1 team is to aid in instilling a foundation of successful principles in our youth, namely the values of discipline, hard work, ambition, personal responsibility, and self-respect. 

     Daquane is a recent graduate of Brockport College with a major in Sports Management with a minor in coaching. 

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Maria Maldonado

Community Partnerships Director 
Hispanic 3rd World Innovation Team


Ms. Maldonado has done community work educating the elderly in consumer law issues at The Life Project Center as well as serving as a mentor at a local juvenile rehabilitation program. She has also worked as a volunteer with the Department of Juvenile Justice, providing rehabilitation based on positive and motivational reinforcement for juveniles who are under probation programs. Maria is a woman committed to spreading positive energy everywhere she goes and indeed leads by example. 

     Maria currently holds a B.S. at the University of Central Florida, as well as a degree from Barry University, School of Law. Ms. Maldonado is a member of the Florida Bar Association and the American Bar Association.