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Live DJ's 

Daily Video Game Competitions 

Parent Training seminars

Guest Speakers

Sports & Daily Exercise


Social Development

Special Guest Performances

Emotional Development Exercises

Community Engagement

Cash Prizes


eXtreme Summer eXpierence

Positive Rapp Competitions

Our eXtreme Summer eXperience is the introduction into our year-round, twenty-four-hour mentoring program but it also works great as a self-contained summer program as well. This three-week experience rids our students of past negative behavior and teaches them how to focus, deal with anger, adversity, and work as a team. During our eXtreme Summer Experience, students also get a chance to engage one-on-one or as a group with local educators, community leaders, and local business owners. Students will be met with a standard of support, encouragement, and engagement that many are not accustomed to. 

During this summer experience, students will have the opportunity not just to play, but compete in their favorite video games against their peers. Daily and weekly videogame competitions will be held where participants will win trophies, cash prizes, video games, and other exciting gifts. 

Video Game: 


Sports, Sports and more sports. This three-week extreme summer experience allows participants to engage in several different sports, whether they want to play for fun or compete against other teams, we have a place for them. 

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During this three-week experience, students will participate in group mentoring, mental and emotional challenges, and learn essential life skills while having the best time of their lives!

Contact us today to bring this life - changing event to your city!

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This is the Hottest summer program on the planet! 

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