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At Player 1, we teach our youth that they and they alone hold the controller to their lives...

Are you interested in bringing this fantastic experience to your city? Player 1 has a unique blend of skilled professionals who have been trained in every aspect of the Player 1 Experience and are eager to help you implement this fantastic life-changing event in your community. Each trainer has been hand-picked based not only on their unique abilities but on their compassion and drive as it relates to youth development. From gang intervention experts who will teach you and your team how to interact and communicate with local gang leaders and members, to educators who will help you implement our certification courses to fit your specific community needs, to addiction experts who will teach you and your team the skills to early identify those who are in need of intervention and also how to encourage them to seek additional help.

We tailor fit your expierence

It starts with a phone call. From there our research team and educators go to work. From collecting data on your community on teen pregnancy rates, graduation rates, crime statistics, opioid addiction, poverty levels, mental health issues, and diversity, to reaching out to community leaders and youth program coordinators in your area to discuss their specific needs. All of this is just the beginning of our process which allows us to tailor fit your Player 1 Academy experience. 

We Believe in Teamwork

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At Player 1 we truly believe that it takes a village. This is why this is not a stand-alone program. This means that we partner with existing organizations that are making an impact in your community.

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